Neighborhood Clean-up – Saturday Oct 28th 9am-12pm

The next Cooper-Grant Community Cleanup event is Saturday Oct 28th 9am-12pm. We will be meeting at 322 N 2nd Street behind Friends Cafe.  We expect volunteers from Cooper-Grant, Rutgers and other neighbors. The focus areas will be the lot at 322 N 2nd St, weeding, removing debris and covering the site with mulch.  The back of the community garden on Front St needs a fall cleaning in addition to the alleyway near that area.   Other ideas are sweeping and weeding other common areas in the community, gathering debris for a trash pile, doing a recycling bucket survey, tree pit survey for our planned application for a spring tree planting by the NJ Tree Foundation, and street lamp survey for those broken or on during the day.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions.



Cooper-Grant Monthly Meeting Oct 23rd

The Next Cooper-Grant Monthly Meeting is being held on Oct 23rd 7pm at the Victor Lofts Caruso room. We are looking for some volunteers who are interested in Board Positions if interested.

We will have Hoagies from Slice of NY around 7pm.


There is a Neighborhood Cleanup on Saturday Oct 28th  9am-12pm for Cooper-Grant. We will be meeting at 322 N 2nd Street behind Friends Cafe at 9am.  The plan is to clean up the lot, the community garden (back by the alley) and some street sweeping.   Possibly also do a recycling bucket inventory for the core of the community.   Any questions please email