Zoning Board Hearing on Proposed Billboard Oct 1st 2018

The next Zoning Board hearing is scheduled for Monday Oct 1st at 5pm at City Council Chambers. After many delays it appears the hearing on the Proposed Billboard in our community along the Ben Franklin Bridge at Delaware Ave at a location that billboards are not permitted will be heard as they request several variances to by pass what is legally permitted.    The agenda for the meeting is attached. The Cooper-Grant Neighborhood Association’s letter of concern and request to deny the variances is attached also.   If you have any interest in the matter, only testimony the night of the meeting carries weight. You have to attend the meeting, or we may be stuck with an LED billboard flashing 24/7 for the rest of our lives.

Cooper-Grant NA Letter of Opposition: Digital Billboard Letter 2018 CGNA Sept 30th

Zoning Board Agenda: ZB-10-1-18

September 2018 Monthly Meeting

The next Cooper-Grant Monthly meeting will on September 24th at 7pm at the Rutgers Alumni House on the 300 block of Cooper St.

The billboard meeting for zoning has been postponed until Oct 1st 2018 5pm.

We plan to have a presentation by Andy Kricun discussing storm-water management project in the Cooper-Grant Area.