Mural Arts Kick Off Meeting

We plan to have our mural kick off meeting with the community on Tuesday evening July 31st at 7-8:30pm at Friends Cafe.  We were awarded a grant to build a mural in the community from Cooper’s Ferry Partnership. We want to include as many neighbors as possible in the planning, design and painting of the mural.
Carmen from the Rutgers Center for the Arts and some community members will start showing up around 7pm to discuss the mural process.  We will have community members and the artist discussing ideas for the mural we will do on the side of Friends Cafe.

We will have some light food from Friends Cafe.  It would be great if a few members of the community would consider coming to be a part of the process of building out the mural.

Do you think you and a couple of members could come?

If you have any questions please let us know.

The next Cooper-Grant Community meeting is August 27th at 7pm.