Article about the demise/demo of the Plaza Hotel includes thought from Cooper-Grant Resident Mr. Perks

Camden’s Hotel Plaza comes down
Philadelphia Inquirer
The hotel, built in 1927, was the last hotel, open or closed, to stand in Camden. It shut its doors in 1985 and has remained vacant and corroding ever since. On Tuesday, an 85-foot crane grabbed industrial claw-size fistfuls of brick and metal, dumping the debris onto the ground as passersby paused in the freezing temperatures to gawk.

Upcoming Cooper-Grant Meetings

The Cooper-Grant Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting –
FEB 24th 7pm – Caruso Room Victor Lofts

- Special Visit from Cooper’s Ferry discussing the April 17th 3rd Thursday/ Night Art Garden at the north Camden Jail Trail.
- Updates from the Arts Committee and the Development Committee

Kresge Arts Grant Meeting for Cooper-Grant Feb 25th 6-8pm WWAC.

- Placemaking in Camden: Using Interventions, Arts & Culture to Revitalize Camdens Public Spaces
- Cooper’s Ferry recently applied for and was awarded a large grant from the Kresge Foundation to provide art events that will connect and bring to life Cooper-Grant and Cooper’s Poynt.  Now the want our input on how to be engage the community and productively use the grant.  Ideas needs for programming in Johnson Park/WWAC/ North Camden Jail Trail and other vacant/under-utilized lots and public spaces.
- Please come out, learn about the grant and provide your input for what you would like to see. A 3rd Party Consultant PPS will be on site to run the event along with Cooper-Grant NA and Cooper’s Ferry.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO
- Share with friends and neighbors.

Check out the calendar for other upcoming events including Feb’s 3rd Thursday Art Crawl this week!