Oct 12th: Neighborhood Clean up & Rutgers Home Coming

Oct 12th 9am-11am Cooper-Grant Neighborhood residents will meet at the Community Garden on the 300 block of Front St.      Brooms, shovels, bags etc will be provided to sweep the curbs and cut low hanging branches. Come out to meet your fellow neighbors and make the neighborhood sparkle.


After the clean-up Rutgers-Camden will be hosting Rutgers Homecoming on Linden St from Delaware Ave to Friends Ave.   All neighbors are asked to have cars removed from Linden by 5am on Saturday Oct 12th for setup.   Free Parking for residents is available at Lot 14 which is on the corners of 3rd, Pearl and Friends Ave starting Friday night.   All Cooper-Grant Neighbors are invited to take part in the festivities.

For information on the day’s schedule please visit:


September Announcements

1. This Saturday, 9/21 from noon-4pm the DCCB will be hosting a Pay What You Wish Day & Fall Fest at the Camden Children’s Garden. The event is open to all county residents.
2.  This Monday, 9/23 at 7pm is the monthly CGNA meeting at The Victor Caruso Room.  This month, in addition to other things of interest to the neighborhood, we will be discussing ideas for a Frank Fulbrook memorial.  Please come out to join the conversation.  A full agenda will be distributed later this week.
3. Starting Oct 1st Trash Pickup will go back to 1 day per week. We are District 3 trash is collected Wednesday morning only until the spring.
4.  Saturday, 10/12 from 9-11am we will have a neighborhood cleanup, followed by the Rutgers Homecoming from 10a-4pm on Linden Street.  All are invited to join the Homecoming, which will include activities, music, food, and games for all ages. The clean up will be followed by the Rutgers-Camden Homecoming Celebration on Linden St. The neighborhood is invite to participate in both of these fall events.
Have a great week!