How to Use PSE&G's Website to Report Streetlights Out:

To report a streetlight that is out, go to PSE&G's "Report Streetlight Outage” webpage. Continue with the following steps:

Do you have an online account with PSE&G? Yes No

If you have a "My Account" online account with PSE&G

    Click "Log In"
    1. Enter your User Name + Password and click on the orange ‘Log In’ button.
    2. Click on "Report a Streetlight Outage" (near the bottom of the left column)
    3. Select your PSE&G account by clicking on it.
    4. The “Streetlight Out” page will display. Fill in the requested information:
      1. Pole Number
      2. Streetlight Location (remember to include "Camden City" in the street address)
      3. Contact Information.
    5. Click on the orange ‘Submit’ button below your telephone number.
    6. A window will pop up with the message "Your streetlight outage request has been received". Click on ‘OK’
    7. The screen will return to the request you just submitted. If you want to submit another request, click on "Report a Streetlight Out" near the bottom of the left column. This will clear the page and allow you to submit another request.
    8. Click on 'Log Out' near the upper right corner of the screen when you're finished.

If you don't have an online account with PSE&G

    Click on the "Streetlight Out Form"
    1. Click on Streetlight Out form on the window that pops up.
    2. Fill in the requested information. Note you only need to provide the information marked with the orange asterisks.
    3. Click on the orange 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.
    4. An acknowledgement page will appear.
Page last updated February 1, 2013